Reportbug: Where we're now, where we're headed

Lately, it's being an active period for Reportbug, and I'm happy about that.

As you might have noticed, this is a quite busy period for me due to non-Debian stuff, so I had to freeze a lot of Debian activities. Due to this, also several projects for Reportbug enhancements have stopped.

In particular for SOAP BTS interrogation. It's a nice topic, and I'd like to guide it myself, but we'll talk about it from August/September ;)

In the meantime, Carl is flooding us with his stream of patches, and it's hard to keep up with that, and Luca is working on making Gtk+ backend more stable and usable and we're thrilled a big number of people tried it and reported bugs (damn, I keep forgetting to disable 'reportbug reportbug' !! ;) ).

So, have fun using reportbug, don't be scare to report bug on it, and if you have some time to devote to it and want to send use patches, you know you'll be welcome :)

UPDATE: I forgot to add that the total bugs count is now at the lower point since I entered reportbug team!

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Tim Richardson said...

thanks for the update. Reportbug is one of things that makes Debian special for users.