Update on the Matplotlib book

Some people asked me how's the book writing is going. Ah you're right, it's a loooong time I didn't say anything of the progress, and here it is.

I've just turned the half of the book: about 10 days ago I've sent the 5th chapter (out of 10) and up to now I've covered this (high-level) contents by chapter:

  1. installation & setup
  2. first contact with mpl
  3. some more stuff (like graph types)
  4. OO style and some advanced things
  5. GTK embedding
6th (and current) chapter is about Qt, so even KDE guys will be happy :)

I found several problems when working with GUI design programs: both Glade and Qt Designer made me scream a lot; but probably it's just me that I'm not so used to GUIs :)

Other arguments will be: Wx, web, real use cases.

In particular for the last part (real cases) I'd like to hear some proposals from you. I've already got something in mind, but users opinion will help me direct my work better.

Sorry, I've got to "drop/reduce" the science chapter (it was superseded by the real use-cases one) since I don't think this is the right place for it. Of course, a couple of "science examples" might come into the mentioned chapter, but your proposals have to be at a low-medium level.

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