Reportbug 4.0 is born

I've just uploaded reportbug 4.0 in Sid (wait for the usual replication delay to have it on your machine). There are several changes in it (sadly, always too few than what I wanted):
  • we now have a GTK UI interface, so if you're a fan of graphical UI give it a try!
  • we moved to Git: now you don't have any more excuses, you can provide a lot of patches :)
  • we split out the reportbug module (using python-support ;) ) in a separate package, so that if you need to use some of the reportbug functionalities, you don't have to dig into the private module directory.
  • many others not worthing a specific entry, but that collaborates to let the project evolve.
I hope you'll be satisfied by that; sadly not all the promises are respected, let's hope we can deal with them in the next periods.Link

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Actually, using iGITtigitt is a good
excuse for *not* supplying patches,
considering just how difficult it is
for a CVS/RCS master to grok.

I tried it once, submitting a patch
for grml2usb, and I don’t think I’ll
be touching it in near time again.

It may be a good patch management sy-
stem and good for the style of develop-
ment the Linux kernel has, but that’s
about it…