Bits from the reportbug side of Debian

Things are evolving under the hood for reportbug, and we are preparing a version targetted for squeeze.

The version 3.99.0 has just been released to experimental; the main goals for this release are:
  • separate python module (python-reportbug) to support the main programs (reportbug & querybts), and to allow even other tools using reportbug stuff to do it more clearly;
  • GTK2 ui, to be more user friendly; many thanks to Luca Bruno (lethalman88-gmail-com): please test it a lot, and Luca will be pleased to fix any bugs :D
Other goals we'd like to archive for the 4.0 version (for which 3.99.x are the pre-releases) are:
  • SOAP bts quering;
  • switch to python-apt for packages information retrival, but python-apt needs better doc, please :) ;
  • (a lot of) bugs fixing and enhancements;
  • code refactoring.
Since this is a development version, you can experience some bugs/regressions, so please try it, stress it and "reportbug reportbug" if needed :) You're help is really appreciated! (and we have cookies ;) )


Anonymous said...

May I help with SOAP? I did some work on my PC

Luca Bruno aka Lethalman said...

and Luca will be pleased to fix any bugs :D <- gh!!!
Sandro, what about the latest patches for the VTE terminal?