Now you're a DD, but how to migrate from your previous account?

Ok, it's not something happening every day (at least not to you), but I think it would be nice to have a sort of guide about migrating from pre-DD to DD account, and that's why I started this wiki.d.o page.

Currently it's under my namespace, and contains some tips I used during my recent migration, but it would be welcome to see other's collaboration to it.


Anonymous said...

For git, just edit .git/config. If you'd used an older git version it might be useful to check out again, maybe using --reference to get all the objects and then moving in the objects dir.

Anonymous said...

Please, do *not* encourage the path of your scripts. Especially do /not/ encourage using svn+ssh://foouser@host or git+ssh://foouser@host style. See man ssh_config how you can do that _once_ for all your logins to alioth in ~/.ssh/config:

Host alioth.debian.org
User foouser-guest

... and it just works. When you switch from foo-guest to foo, you just edit *one* file, *one* line, and be done with it. No need for any scripts.

So I really suggest to you to go to the extend on the wiki page how to do it properly and not migrating from one maintenance hell in the checkouts to another maintenance hell, but rather suggest to the readers of your page how to do it properly, right from the start. :)

Sandro Tosi said...

Thanks Rhonda for letting me know that (another thing added to my bag) and fixing the wiki page :)