Ignition sequence. All engines are started. We have ignition. 2, 1, zero. We have a DD!! We have a DD!!

I just receive The Mail (tm) from weasel, and I can't be happier that this (mh, is my life too boring?): I just become a DD!!!!!!! Please join my happiness in this achievement!!

I'd like to thank all the people helped me in my way to Debian, both for a long and fruitful collaboration or for just a mail exchange, both for kind people and rude ones (ah, we all have our own character, so never mind :) ) and in doing this I'm sure I'll forget someone (so please excuse me for this, you're in my mind tough): so thank you Tony, Bernd, Piotr, Thomas, Vincent, Adeodato, Lucas, Luk, Sune, Joerg (yeah, I'm brave :) ), Paul, and many others!

Of course, congrats go also to my other colleagues that "laureate" with me in Mid September DD Class :D


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David Paleino said...

Complimenti Sandro!

Chissà quando anche io completerò l'NM... :)

Happy Debianing!