Devils: Massimo Ruggiero's apartment building

If you enjoyed watching Devils, like me, and if you tend to obsess over tiny details that have absolutely nothing to do with the story being told, like me, and you lived in that general area, like me, then you may be curious of the location of Massimo's apartment.

In several shots we can see views of both The Gherkin and the north side of Canary Wharf, so that means the building is in and around E1/E2/E3 zip codes. But London is huge, and while yes i tried to just browse Google Maps for clues, that didn't produce any result.

The final clue is revealed in the 9th episode, at minute 20:10, and precisely with this shot:

at the bottom left we can see the entrance sign for Tobacco Dock, located at:

So right there, just off to the right from the entrance, it's the apartment building: Park Vista Tower.

The exact apartment number, i don't know, it's probably somewhere on the door or on the door frame, which can probably be seen one of the times when Sofia or others come to visit Massimo, but since that happened mid 9th episode, i'm not gonna go back to find that clue 😀

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