QNAP firmware disable ssh management menu

as a good boy i just upgraded my QNAP NAS to the latest available firmware,, but after the reboot there's an ugly surprise awaiting for me

once i ssh'd into the box to do my stuff, instead of a familiar bash prompt i'm greeted by a management menu that allows me to perform some basic management tasks or quit it and go back to the shell. i dont really need this menu (in particular because i have automations that regularly ssh into the box and they are not meant to be interactive).

to disable it: edit /etc/profile and comment the line "[[ "admin" = "$USER" ]] && /sbin/qts-console-mgmt -f" (you can judge me later for sshing as root)


Iustin Pop said...

Well, is there any other way than SSH-ing as root? I had for a brief time a QNAP, but sold it as I found out that it's very restrictive environment, and I wasn't able to actually add a non-root user for SSH.

Too bad, the hardware was pretty neat.

Sandro Tosi said...

tbh, i dont know and never cared to check: i'm on with sshing as root