Attending the Codecademy

You've probably already got it, I'm surveying several sites to improve programming skills. This episode is about Codecademy.

It's a very well done site, for people that want to learn a language. It has a Python track, along with several others: Ruby, JQuery, Javascript & so on.

You'll be required to actually write code and run it! yes, the code you write is then executed in a web "interpreter" (modified for educational purposes) and the output displayed on screen. In a section is also possible to write to files and have their contents shown on another tab.

I'd encourage you to start from it if you never saw Python and you're willing to learn if from the ground up.


Thierry Jaouen said...

I love Codecademy ! (typo fail)

I learn Javascript for now.
I will taste the Python Language soon.

Sandro Tosi said...

@Thierry: fixed the typo :)

Linda said...

Thanks Sandro! Let us know if you have any further wishes for the site, glad you're finding it useful :)

Linda - Codecademy Community Manager