Mercurial: what's the tag containing this changeset?

In software development, you often need to know: when was this feature released? in which releases was this changeset included?

Typical example is: you're debugging a problem, you find out what's the changeset introducing it, now you want to know when that changeset was firstly released (i.e. included in a tag) - how to do that?

hg log -r "cset:: and tag()"

where cset is the changeset you're looking for.

So know I know that Sphinx new way to load searchindex.js was introduced in the this changeset, and released for the first time in 1.0b2:

$ hg log -r "423faa03c908:: and tag()"
changeset:   2261:b494009dccf1
tag:         1.0b2
user:        Georg Brandl <georg@python.org>
date:        Sun May 30 19:52:08 2010 +0200
summary:     Release preparation for 1.0b2.


PS: why did I need to know that? because Matplotlib is still using the old way, but Debian needs the new one.

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