And what am I now? A Python Core Developer!

Yeah, since a couple of hours I'm officially a Python Core Developer (and this confirms it, so I'm not dreaming!)

I'm now in that mixed state in between the happiness and the fear I'll do stupid mistakes and I'll be ashamed of myself. But hey, it's only those who do nothing that make no mistakes.

Interesting days ahead, a lot of procedures to learn and get used to, hopefully also a lot of bugs fixed :) That's for sure, I'll go step by step, following the better be safe than sorry rule.

At the end, I'd like to thank all the people at Python that made this possible, they are quite a number, so if I'd named them, I surely forgot someone, and it would be unfair! So well, you know who you are, and this big THANK YOU is yours :)


Nick Coghlan said...

Welcome :)

Just remember, even as core committers we can still put things we aren't sure about up on the tracker for review, or even raise them on python-dev. And if it seems too minor to bring up there, well that's what the mentors list is for.

Also make sure to keep an eye on the buildbots and watch for feedback on python-checkins commit reports - the beauty of version control and continuous integration is that even when we make mistakes, we have plenty of opportunity to fix them before they become a problem for users :)

Eli Bendersky said...

Sandro, welcome - you deserve it! Keep up the great work on the docs mailing list :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome Sandro!
Now let's see how many commits it takes you to break the buildbots :)


Jack Diederich said...

Welcome! and don't worry too much about screwing up, my first commit contained a ssize_t/size_t bug and it wasn't discovered until a couple years later. No one died in the interim.

Sandro Tosi said...

@Nick: Thanks for your really nice suggestions, I'll follow them for sure!

@Eli: thanks, but I won't limit to doc only stuff :)

@Antoine: cheers! ehee I bet it won't take too long(?)

@Jack: thanks! that's why we have a DVCS, isn't it? :)

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