URL shortcuts in Chromium

If you like the Firefox feature to create special bookmarks that are actual templates for specific urls, well, here's how I got the same for Chromium.

That's actually how WordReference is suggesting, so it's defining new search engines: right click on the URL bar, Edit seach engine, and then Add; now you can define what you like, f.e. :

and so now typing "pts package" in the URL bar you'll get to the package PTS page.

That's one of the core points I had to get fixed in order to migrate from FF to chromium, one step closer then.


Richard Hartmann said...

That's a Konqueror feature. Has been for ten years or more.

Sandro Tosi said...

@Richard: ok, thanks, but does it matter if it's in Konqueror for ten years? if you're happy with it, just use it :) I'm happy Chromium has the very same feature, so I can use it

Richard Hartmann said...

Of course. The main thing is that you are able to use your browser in the way you want.

Still, I think it's worth updating the article with a short note.

Richard Hartmann said...

Community thrives on attribution and it's one of the core principles in Debian. It's pity that you disagree as your blog is aggregated via Planet Debian.

Sandro Tosi said...

@Richard: are you out of your mind? should I cite all the browsers that have the same feature I mentioned? just go away

oh, and what do you know of the "principles of Debian"? could you point me where "attribution" is mentioned?

Bah, you probably didn't even deserve a reply, for sure I won't waste more time with you.

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