select count(bugs) in reportbug where status is open = 91

well, the actual select (against UDD) would be
udd=> select source, all_bugs from bugs_count where source = 'reportbug';
source | all_bugs
reportbug | 91
but the result is the same: less than 100 bugs against reportbug! Yay!

As you can see from the bugs graph, the Christmas and Easter holidays helped quite a lot to squash those bugs. When I first step into the reportbug world, the bugs count was around 250, and I first imagined in my mind to brake the 200 barrier, than the 150 and finally the less-than-100 one: while the first 2 limits where the hardest one (new to the codebase, other interest) the last one is the one I'm most proud of.
  • use SOAP to query the BTS (no comment here please...)
  • use the new.822 to query NEW or incoming and all other sub-queues
  • a proper unittest (and I hope the talk @ PyCon Italia will help on this) and check suite
  • code refactoring and clean-up of the several dead-branches laying in it
  • several other smaller things but still interesting
They seem quite nice-to-have stuff but recently I've tried to concentrate on reply fast to new report, fix as many reported crashes as possible and implement some of the long-awaited features.

Additionally, sometimes "No, sorry" is the proper reply to a bug and then it can be closed: it's hypocrite to keep bugs opened while internally you think it's a wontfix but you're not closing them because of a fear of possibly upset the reporters.

There will be more in the future, that's for sure, but I think this is the reportbug we'll see in squeeze, modulo some new crashes or very interesting feature we want it, so expect minor releases from now until squeeze+1

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