Check Nagios from the desktop: nagstamon

I just discovered nagstamon and all the team fallen in love with it!

I tried to use Nagios Checker, the Firefox plugin to notify of any Nagios alert, but that doesn't play nicely with several opened windows (alerts are multiplied for the number of windows, since it seems everyone does the checks, not just one) and it tends to slow down Firefox, that's already quite slow per se :)

The upstream author provides a Debian package, so promptly I wrote to him asking if he can consider maintain the package in Debian, with me as mentor/co-maintainer and so (it's in Python so I can that :) ); let's see how it goes.

Give it a try, it's really simple and awesome!


Marius Gedminas said...


Sandro Tosi said...

@ Marius: Hi! there are several on upstream website: http://nagstamon.sourceforge.net/screenshots/ (they are quite complete, so I won't add any)

Dennis K. said...

Woah, nice! Gonna try that out tomorrow. I have 4 nagioses to monitor and have been looking for something like this for a while. Thanks for sharing :)

cyco said...

what about maintaining it inside the debian nagios maintainers group (https://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-nagios/)?

Sandro Tosi said...

@cyco: yeah I first thought about that, but then I notice that Carl is already working on it: http://bugs.debian.org/534842 . So we'll be happily maintain it under the Python Application Team.

flok said...


You might like CoffeeSaint as well: it is a nagios status viewer for on a screen on the wall of your control room.