This RRD was created on another architecture

That is the message you'll receive when trying to open a RRD database created on a 32bit machine from a 64bit one (it's also true the reverse). It's due to the fact that RRD is an architecture-dependent file format: endianess and integer bits length matter.

That's quite boring, given it's quite common to let each machine generate its own RRDs and graph them from a central place, and the more machines you have, the more chances of the above problem.

So, for another example, if you migrate one machine from 32 to 64 bits, you'll have to:
  • dump all the RRD databases from the 32 machine
  • restore all the RRD databases on the 64 machine
as described here. And when you have +4GB of RRDs it's not so painless.

So, can we haz an architecture independed RRD file format? Pretty please?

It was planned for 1.4, and now that 1.4 is release it's planned for 1.5. Let's hope it comes soon, it would be really nice! :)

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Gael said...

Hi. Your post answers exactly to my question but the link you give (http://n2.nabble.com/How-do-I-move-my-rrds-to-my-new-MRTG-system-tp1075048p3881563.html) seems to be broken for now.