Debian lists spam: ALL messages reviewed!!!

Holy crap! I don't know how I made it, but my mailing-list spam review page is EMPTY!! It was a long way, started on 2009-04-05, but at least the biggest part is done (now there are only the new reports, much much less than the whole backlog).

Again, I'd like to invite anyone to contribute to have (an ideal) lists.d.o spam free:
  • any non-DD can report spam messages clicking on the button on the message page on lists.d.o
  • any DD can start here and then contribute reviewing the received reports.
I know it seems boring at first (and indeed it is), but we are many people, and anyonw contributes a little, it will be much faster and less-annoying. For example: why not review some message while waiting for your next package to be built? Or while you wait for the dist-upgrade to end? Or in any other situation where you got some minutes of spare time to dedicate to such an easy task?

Some links to those interested:
Have fun!

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