PyCon3 Italia is over: retrospective and perspective for myself

PyCon3 Italia ended yesterday. It was simply great! great talks, gorgeous speakers and so on.

Sadly, when I left these kind of confs there's always a bad taste in my month... I see so many great people that made it, that are satisfied, brilliant and accomplish great results.

Now I feel like I'm one of many, but I want to be one above many; one of Them. Ok, ok, sounds a little bit presumptuous and we all know I'll never be like them but why not trying? ;)

The same thing happened after PyCon2, and I decided I wanted to do more, to be more.

Since an year passed, I think I've done a bit of my proposal: I started using Python as much as I can, I get involved in some project python-related (to name some: reportbug, bts-link, matplotlib) and I'm about at the half of writing a book on matplotlib (that I was offered to write).

I can be a little satisfied by this, but of course, I want to do more! :)

Once the book will be done, I'll probably still be involved with matplotlib evolution, eventually with more important contributions, but I will also search for new challenges.

It might sound ambitious, but I have a strange feeling that python core "stuff" (being the interpreter, the stdlib or near) could be something I can have a look at ;) It could also come up as a too big project to work on in my spare time, but I'll rebase my plan once I've fight for it and lose, not before.

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Fabio Tranchitella said...

Hey Sandro, would you be interested in a job offer?

We are looking for talented people to work in an free-software, python-oriented start-up. :)

Ping me back if you are interested: I suppose you know how to reach me! :)