Here comes my new roadrunner

No that's nothing about IBM and HPC, but it's still cool:

Taken brand new this morning from the shop (with that smell of a new engine still there). Mh, the plate is now "DJ ..." while the other one was "DD ...": would it be a sign something is changing? The hell no! ;)

That means I'm recovering well, I'm now walking without any crutches or tutor, and my knee is almost bending like the other one (well, still some degrees behind, but still), but it still hurts at every step I take. In about a week I'll be able to back swimming with the team (competition will be for next year though).

That even means I'll have to come back to work :( I'm now used to get to sleep late, wake up even later, "work" all day on stuff I like (Debian, the book, or so) so it will be a shock at the beginning, even because I'll be assigned to a new client, so all different.

Enough words, now it's time to go and have a ride on the "beast" :)

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