It's Xmas, do a gift to Debian: fix a Lenny RC bug

I know, you usually spend this day with family/friends/whatever but think even a bit to Lenny.

Look at the unofficial RC bugs page and try to find something you can fix, some package that might not be ready for primetime (i.e. be released with Lenny) and ask its removal from testing to RT, try to replicate a bug or downgrade it if the reporter exaggerated a bit with severity.

It will all help Lenny.

Do a gift do Debian, do a gift to Lenny, do a gift to us all: fix an RC bug :)

I did my (little) part, fixing #509623 (well, quite easy, I know, but still). Do the same, if you can: we will all be thankful :) Thanks to Evgeni for the heads up right after midnight.


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Anonymous said...

What options should I check to get the most useful view? I keep getting bugs that have closed, or have fixes pending, or don't apply to lenny.