Another month in bed

(for those who care about my health situation)

Today I had the scheduled exam at the hospital, one month later the scooter accident I had: the patella fracture is almost done (and the doctor had a lot of fun playing with it around my knee...grrr) with the tibia fracture is still on going, hence the need for another month in bed.

The advantage is that they removed the plater and now I have a donjoy support all around the leg: I can remove it (to wash the leg, thankgod) and I can "feel" the ground with the feet again, but I'm going pretty scary all the times, even if they told me it's hard I can compromise the situation (but, you know, lucky is not on my side...).

After that, I'll need 3 weeks of physiotherapy (and then I hope I've done!) just in time for Christmas.

Luckily, since some days I have a Debian laptop to use, so I can keep up with some Debian duties, tasks, flamewars and so :)

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pochu said...

Take care of yourself Sandro. It's nice to hear you are making progress. I hope you get better soon!