Graph NEW and RC bugs from #d-d-c

I was on trains these days, so I got some time, and what's best then take xchat log of #d-d-c and print some graphs? well, there are tons best, but that's what I chose to do...

The script to generate the graph is here (I know, it's not beautiful, you can finds many points to improve it, etc etc) and the graph it generates is (run a couple of minutes ago):

Guess what's NEW and what's RC bugs :)

It lakes dates, legends or so; if someone is interested I can cron its generation (or lamby can take the script, it's Python+matplotlib, and use it somewhere).


Ryan said...

The link to your script doesn't work.

Javi said...

which are the labels and exes ?

Sandro Tosi said...

@ryan: I just tried to download and it works fine: what error do you receive?

@javi: that was the exercise ;) on x is the date (when the BTS bot updated the /topic of #d-d-c), on y you got numbers, blue line is RC bugs and green line is NEW count.